Is vertical farming sustainable?

In this very interesting Rick Stella article there are some interesting points made about the potential future of vertical farming. No clear conclusions are drawn and I guess that is what makes life interesting - no-one knows what the future looks like. 

Is vertical farming sustainable

Will the "men in white coats" grow all of our vegetables in artificial light or are large industrial corporations going to do it in fields far away? These are the 2 options presented.

At GrowUp Vertical Farming we are excited about a third option. Food grown close to home, in soil, using a low tech but innovative approach to water conservation. Whole food, real food, grown by real people. 

We believe we can assist in disrupting a portion of the food growing market by following the @PeterDiamandis approach to disruption - democratization. A simple to use, simple to implement, space and water efficient growing system will allow food production to be truly democratized. 

We envisage small local community growers growing for their local community. They will supplement their income, create an awareness of healthy food choices and deliver healthy, organic food to their community.

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